A Skin Poem

Today was a bit different,
the water cleansed my spirit
it trickled down to my heart
I clasped a soap between my palms
bubbles foamed, then I smile
I let it linger in my skin for a while

Took my time to gather my thoughts
A mirror, I see my face
Unhurried, unrushed
I go nearer, I gaze

I feel the lines, the bones in my cheek
A tiny scar in my brow I got when I was younger
Still makes me giggle whenever I remember
I tell myself that I like what I see
It is what makes me, me.

Three deep breaths, stared a bit a more
I then dried my skin
then reached for the door

played that jazzy old tune
always makes dance
I make myself coffee
then I give myself this chance

I head back to bed, wrote some words down
Ever so purposely,I let myself surround
With Calmness, serenity, the presence of now

For this day’s not rushed.

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